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Area Rugs 12x12, 12x15, 12x18

Large area rugs can become the focal point to an entire room, and with RugPal, you can shop an extensive collection of area rugs 12x12 through 12x18 - plus all the sizes in between.

With area rugs 12x15, or similar dimensions, you are able to cover a lot of space in a sprawling room. Utilizing the style of an area rug is a lot more convenient and easy than committing to permanent carpeting options. The following are a few reasons.

  • Utilizing area rugs 12x18, or other larges sizes, to cover your floor is more affordable. With carpeting, it costs money to have it professionally installed. With area rugs, you simply lay it out and you’re done.
  • When you carpet your floors, you are stuck with that style and design until you decide to uninstall it. With rugs, you can switch them out. Keep your room fresh with selections from our 12x12 area rug collection.
  • When you utilize area rugs 12x12 instead of carpeting, they are easier to clean and replace, if need be.

Thanks to RugPal, it’s easy to keep a style fresh and updated because we carry many different area rugs 12x15 and other large sizes.

Our 12x15 area rug collection is accompanied by décor accessories that can complement your rug or help in the installation of your product (i.e. rubber mats). When you shop our 12x18 area rug collection, you are getting quality-made carpets from the leading brands. They are affordable, ship quickly and come with a hassle-free return policy.

Turn to RugPal for all of your rug needs

RugPal serves customers throughout the United States, providing them with the very best rugs, runners and accessories. Whether you need area rugs 12x12 or something as small as a shoe mat, we have your needs covered. Shop with us!

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