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Dorm Room Area Rugs

Deck out your college pad with RugPal and our wide selection of dorm room area rugs. Dorm rooms don’t have to be bland and generic — make it your own by bringing your style and flavor to the living space.

One easy and cost-efficient way to do that is through dorm room carpets. After all, when you are assigned to a dorm, you are stuck with the floors that you are given. Maybe they’re hardwood floors or perhaps they’re carpeted. You can transform the look of them with our dorm room runners and rugs.

Welcome to our dorm room rug collection

RugPal carries a variety of rugs that are perfect for dorm settings. These are quality-made products in our dorm room runner collection, but they come at a broke college student price! Plus, we have dorm room area rugs that fit every single taste and style.

  • Traditional: Are you a traditional soul that wants something old timey or rustic? We have primitive rugs, country rugs and even Persian rugs to capture that timeless, elegant feel.
  • Modern: Perhaps you want to show visitors that you are have modern taste. Our dorm room carpets come in an array of shapes, sizes, styles and designs. Choose from some of our more innovative products to find something that reflects your taste.
  • Wild and fun: With our dorm room carpet collection, you can let your crazy tastes show. We’ve got something perfect for you — animal inspired rugs. These animal prints are something fun and unique for you to bring that edge to your living space.

The best part is, you can shop from the comfort of your own dorm. Simply log on to RugPal and shop our dorm room area rugs conveniently. If you need any help, our customer service team is standing by with answers. Happy shopping!

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