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Designer Shag Area Rugs

Shag carpeting is not a thing of the past — our team at RugPal can show you that shag designer area rugs have a lot to offer your home’s décor!

Here at RugPal, we have a huge inventory of area rugs, runners and a mountain of accessories that go with. Within this inventory are designer shag rugs that are perfect for many different rooms of your home.

We also have shag rug runners that you can use to line a hallway with or even carpet some stairs with. Shag is an excellent style for area rugs and runners. When a lot of people think about shag, they think about the old, outdated carpeting of the 70s. In reality, there are many benefits of having shag rugs in your home, and they show through in our shag carpet collection.

  • Soft and comfortable: Of course, one of the primary benefits of shag designer area rugs is the fact that they are soft and plush. This makes for extreme comfort when you walk on it.
  • Insulating: Wool design shag rugs can provide insulation for the floor, allowing it to add a level of warmth to your home.
  • Cost-efficient: Shag area rugs are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, which means as the end costumer, you won’t be paying too much for them, either. And, by shopping with RugPal, you can trust that you are getting a great deal on designer shag rugs.
  • Durable: Also, designer shag carpets can take punishment and still look great. Not only do they stand up to foot traffic but wool shag is naturally resistant to stains.

Shag can also be very stylish. RugPal offers shag designer area rugs that range in style, shape and color. That means that you are able to find an option that fits the exact décor needs of your room. So get started with shopping right now, and reach out to our customer service staff if we can assist you any further.

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