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Oval Octagon Large Area Rugs

If a traditional rectangle rug simply isn’t cutting it for the space in your home or office, then shop with RugPal and take a look at the collection of oval area rugs that we have to offer. In fact, oval is just one of the many different shapes that we offer.

We provide a wide array of non-traditional rug shapes, such as octagon area rugs, circle, flower, scallop and more. These also range in size, from large area rugs, to smaller solutions that serve as a nice accent piece to your space.

At the end of the day, RugPal carries one of the most extensive inventories of rugs, runners and accessories that you will find. Browse through our online store to find oval carpets and any other type of rug you might be in search of.

When you might utilize oval area rugs

When you think of a rug, you probably immediately picture a traditional rectangle-shaped rug. While rectangle rugs are certainly popular and can bring great style to a room, oval or octagon area rugs are a nice and refreshing change of pace. These are ideal in a number of situations.

  • The pieces in our oval rug collection are great to lay underneath an oval or round table for a pleasing aesthetic appeal.
  • When elements in a room are arranged in a circular pattern, you can maintain this consistency with an oval or octagon area rug.
  • If your room is fairly open, making a selection from our oval or octagon rug collection could mean finding something that serves as the focal point to the entire room. You’ll want something that really captures the vibe and style of the space.

There are so many different fun uses for oval and octagon rugs, but it’s important to find the right kind that fits your décor needs. You can do that at RugPal, where our extensive selection of oval area rugs is waiting for you!

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