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Extra Long Hallway Area Rugs

Extra long area rugs can be tough to find in brick and mortar stores, where they have a limited inventory. After all, these types of stores tend to carry more traditional sizes and styles.

That’s why RugPal is different from the average store. We carry hallway area rugs of all sizes, made to meet a variety of specific needs. In fact, our inventory has just about any size, style and color that you can think of. You will find something here that meets your needs — we promise.

Browse our extra long carpet collection

When it comes to outfitting a hallway with hallway rug runners, the size of your hallway will dictate what you need out of a rug. Start by measuring the area to make sure you know what kind of dimensions you are looking for.

From there, you can browse extra long area rugs right here on RugPal. We assure you that you will find hallway area rugs that meet just about any décor need.

Getting you your rugs quickly and efficiently

Not only will you find extra long runners and rugs here, but RugPal has worked hard to craft the most convenient and simple shopping experience possible. It is easy to browse our line of hallway carpets and select which products you would like to purchase.

The check-out process is a breeze and we pride ourselves on prompt order fulfillment and shipping. If you are not satisfied with your rug, then we also boast a hassle-free return policy so you don’t have to argue with someone on the phone for an hour.

RugPal is truly the best way to shop for extra long area rugs and any other type of rug or runner you would need for your home, apartment, living space or work space. We would be honored if you shopped with us.

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